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Remuneration & Welfare

Remuneration & Welfare

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1. In line with the entry date, work experience and working ability of staff, Zhongganglian formulates a comprehensive remuneration system, which authorizes the company to withhold and remit personal income tax according to relevant national provisions.

2. Zhongganglian implements the post wage system, in which wage scale varies from ability to contributions. And those with good skills will have high salary.

3. Wage scale varies from job to job.

4. The salary of freshmen counts from the arrival date.

5. For employees who resigned or were fired, their salary counts to the final workday verified by the HR Dept. while handing separation affairs.

6. In line with the provisions of the national tax law, the personal income tax of employees shall be paid by themselves through being deducted from their salary by the company.

7. Employees shall check if the figure is right upon receiving the salary bill. If there are any mistakes, they shall apply to the HR Dept. for inquiries within a week. The figure will be regarded as correct after the deadline. 


Salary Adjustment

Zhongganglian has the right to adjust the salary of employees according to the actual production and operation conditions, internal rules and regulations, legal remuneration distribution methods, post change, staff assessment results, work seniority, reward and penalty records. The specific date and operating methods shall refer to the notice of the HR Dept. For other real-time salary adjustment, it shall refer to approval suggestions.   


Staff Insurance

In line with relevant national laws and policies, employees, on the premise of voluntariness, shall buy “five insurances” after they work in our company for 3 months. The insurance money shared by individuals shall be deducted from the salary of staff monthly according to relevant regulations. 


Other Welfare

1. Staff dormitory: for the sake of convenient commute and housing, our company offers free dormitory beds. All employees living in the dormitory shall abide by dormitory rules (refer to Appendix—Staff Dormitory Rules). If employees give up the right, our company will not make compensation.

2. Staff canteen: the staff canteen is built to facilitate the dining of employees. When employees have dinner in the canteen, they shall abide by canteen rules (refer to Appendix—Staff Canteen Rules).

3. Recreational activities: to enrich the spare time of employees, our company holds recreational or sports activities beneficial to people’s health from time to time. For example, there are all kinds of ball games. But the above activities shall not interfere with our daily work or affect our normal operation.

4. Benefit bonus: our company issues bonuses according to the corporate business benefit and staff contributions. For specific measures, please refer to Salary Management System.

Zhongganglian has the right to adjust the above welfare according to corporate conditions.


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